Love for yoga

Compassion and consideration towards all living things, especially those who are innocent, in difficult circumstances, or worse of than we are; yoga sutra 11.30.

Nicole Ramakers accomplished a 3 year yoga teachers training from yoga teacher Ad van Hassel, at yoga school Centre Amsterdam. She received her certification in the discipline Asana-pranayama in 2009.

Nicole has studied and practiced for twenty years with a range of national and international teachers of Asthanga, Iyengar, Pilates and Hatha yoga. She is grateful to them all for learning the art of yoga and so much more. Her thanks goes out to Krisna Lee Hanks in the U.S.A, one of the most inspiring yoga Pilates teachers in the world.

Further thanks to Ted Willemsen; physio- and manual therapist in Amsterdam, for his lectures ‘Anatomy and injuries’ and to my respected yoga teacher Ad van Hasselt in Amsterdam. Also many thanks to my muse, yoga teacher Donna Farhi from New Zealand; for her yoga work and her yoga books. And last but not least to yoga teacher Leo Peppas from the yogayoga school in Amsterdam.

Nicole feels a great responsibility towards her students but she also asks and encourages her students to take their own responsibility and to listen to their own inner body language.